Boeing Suspends Maintenance Support for Russian Airlines

Boeing said it was suspending parts, maintenance and technical support for Russian airlines as the impact of sanctions is felt across the global aviation industry. The U.S. announced it would follow the EU and Canada in banning Russian planes from its airspace, a move that is expected to see retaliation from Russia.

Boeing’s move came as the EU and the U.S. prohibited aircraft and engine manufacturers, lessors and maintenance, repair and overhaul providers with Russian clients from various dealings including leasing planes, exporting aircraft and providing parts.

The aviation industry is also reluctant to do business with Russian clientele as the some of the country’s banks are barred from the SWIFT international payment system.

New sanctions are expected to isolate Russia’s aviation industry in a similar way to Iran and North Korea. The Russian isolation however will have a much stronger impact on the industry because of the sheer size of the Russian market, and its dependence on Western suppliers in recent years.

Russia accounted for around 6% of global air traffic in 2021, up from 4% in 2019 due to strong performance of its domestic flights during the pandemic relative to the rest of the world.

About 515 Russian jets worth $10 billion are rented from foreign firms.

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