US State Department Approves $650 Million Missile Sale to Saudi Arabia

The Pentagon announced the sale of $650 million worth of air to air missiles to Saudi Arabia. The deal marked the first major arms sales to Saudi Arabia under the Biden Administration. Despite being one of the closest allies of the US in the Middle East, arms sales to Saudi Arabia was vetoed by many US lawmakers for the kingdom’s involvement in the war in Yemen.

After the Pentagon notified the Congress on the sale, the deal now awaits approval from the lawmakers. If approved, this will be the first major arms sale to Saudi Arabia after President Biden’s policy of selling only defensive weapons to the kingdom.

The State Department had approved the sale last month. According to the State Department statement, the approval came after Saudi Arabia has faced cross border attacks over the past year. The State Department also added that the sale was approved to ensure Saudi Arabia could defend itself from the air attacks of Iran backed Houthis.

The missiles are produced by Raytheon.

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