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Political Consulting

In our age, there is no such thing as keeping out of politics. All issues are political issues and whether you are a liberal, a conservative or somewhere in between, one of the disadvantages for failing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by people unfit for the public office.

This rule applies to all candidates, all political parties and all political ideologies. Another rule governing the political arena in 21st century is that politics has become less of a mission but more of a profession.

The demand for a professional approach to politics by voters is redefining the way candidates and elected politicians handle their political activities both in provincial and national levels.

In that sense, we provide the best and the most effective political consulting services to candidates and elected politicians to make sure that they establish and sustain a strong bond with voters which in turn will help them prevail as a brilliant and revered political leader.

Our political consulting services are not limited to campaign management and PR activities. We provide a 360 degrees coverage to address every aspect of a complex political system.

Our client-oriented services include :

Self-presentation of a politician to its voters is one of the most significant milestones of his/her political career. Our consulting system, presenting one on one shadow coaching, offers an analysis which reveals strengths and weaknesses of the candidate on which we build and implement a personal training and education for the candidate to control the weaknesses, bolster the strengths.

Political branding can be used in powerful and unique ways to bring people together for a common belief, cause, or idea. Elected politicians and candidates often seek help from image makers but that is awfully ineffective. Because, while an image is the evoked impression of an entity formed from the recall of all communication impressions, a brand is an evoked image that resonates on an emotional level and which stimulates voter loyalty. With our extensive experience and knowledge we help our clients build and sustain the most effective political brand to serve their cause.

We provide unique services to our clients for them to become a brilliant and revered politician by designing and managing custom-made election strategies. Quatro Strategies team, with its accurate, professional, scientific and effective experience, determines your needs and provides tailored strategic advice according to your special requirements. We also provide support through educational programs, seminars and other training activities to raise the political awareness and team work for provincial/district organizations, youth branches, women’s branches as well as different voter groups in and out campaign periods.

We, as the new generation of consultants, believe that the correct and efficient use of Internet and social networks create great differences in communicating the young voters and mobilizing or reconstructing their political opinion. New media solutions are proven to be very effective on the outcome of the elections as applied in the most successful modern political campaigns all over the world. Our professional team, does not only apply critical strategies for e-campaigns and social media, but we also provide analysis of the data obtained from these instruments and use them to adapt better political strategies set for your predetermined goal.

Despite all the new techniques and methods, the conventional wisdom of speech is still the most important tool to the success of a politician. A powerful discourse talent can manifest itself in pre-recorded speeches, open-air meetings or various debates. Our professional team is your partner in developing your speech techniques and also provides training and strategy for different debate conditions. Speech writing, technical and psychological support for consideration of the public opinion are only some of our expertise in this field.

Quatro Political Consulting Services bind the best creative group and the political strategy for the most effective political campaigns. We make sure that the correct message is delivered to the public by our accurate strategy setting, creative support and intense communication skills. We believe that the political ads should be an integral and complementary part of the general strategy of a party or a candidate. Quatro team offers you correct and efficient political advertising, which will bring you one step closer to the success you try to reach.

The signs and slogans you employ will support your political branding and message in your political voyage only if they reflect your political beliefs, identity and vision. Our creative team will provide you with the best materials, making sure that they are consistent with the general strategy, and the message you want to convey to your voters.

We provide the crucial know-how to our clients on the correct installment of media appearances including the quality, and the frequency of media events, while conducting analyses on news and public’s remarks about their media activities.

As it is not possible to control every factor in democracies, clients may sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. In these circumstances our experienced team can create a huge difference for recovery and gaining strength. In these cases, reconstruction of public relations and restitution of the political brand with less possible damage is of utmost importance. That’s why Quatro Strategies Political Consulting Team determines the possible crisis scenarios aforetime, and makes sure that a crisis situation is ruled out to remove any obstacles holding our clients back.

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