Gokce (Dervisoglu) OkandanCreative Entrepreneurship

Gokce (Dervisoglu) Okandan
Areas of expertise
  • Knowledge management
  • Tacit knowledge
  • Corporate culture conflicts
  • Culture policy
  • Strategic management support
  • Social-cultural-creative entrepreneurship
  • Post Doc, Cultural Policy, Princeton University
  • Ph.D., Management Organization, Istanbul University
  • Design Management, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • MA-Mag, Strategic Management, Istanbul/Inssbruck University
  • B.A., Business Administration, Istanbul University

Gokce (Dervisoglu) Okandan started her academic career at Istanbul University, where she mostly concentrated on strategic management issues related to knowledge management. She continued her studies at Innsbruck University with Prof. Hans Hinterhuber with the support of an Austrian research scholarship and published the result as a on Strategic Knowledge Management in Turkish. During her Ph.D., she worked on the role of Corporate Support on Culture and the Arts and developed a scorecard for these activities, with the support of Copenhagen Business School Art and Leadership Center.

Gokce (Dervisoglu) Okandan has completed her post doctoral research at Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Center for Arts Policy and Research as a Tübitak fellow and appointed as the Director of Cultural Management Graduate Program as well as Vice Director of Work Ethics Research Center and board member of Cultural Policy and Management Research Center.

Her research interest continues in creativity related issues such as art, design, especially in terms of innovation and sustainability as well as strategic thinking.  She also acted as the pioneer academic actor in the foundation of YEKON- Turkey’s Creative Industries Association and has been working especially on creative entrepreneurship within the GEW Executive Committee and Istanbul Chamber of Industry Quality Board.

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