Tesla predicts production to start at Mexico plant in 2026 or 2027

Tesla’s plans for a major new factory in Mexico may be pushed back to 2026 or 2027. A Chinese supplier revealed that they and several other Chinese companies may delay their operations near the future Tesla factory in Nuevo Leon due to the automaker’s slower-than-expected timeline.

Several sources had previously indicated that Tesla aimed to begin production in Mexico by 2025. However, Tesla has not officially announced a construction or production start date for the facility. Some estimates suggest construction might not begin until 2027.

This delay, if confirmed, could impact Tesla’s plans for expanding its production capacity and reaching new markets, particularly in Latin America. Mexico is seen as a strategic location for the company to serve both the local market and export to other countries in the region.

Tesla has not commented on the report or provided any updates on its Mexico factory plans. It remains to be seen how this potential delay might affect the company’s overall production and delivery targets in the coming years.

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